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Halong Sen Cruises, which was launched on December 9th 2017, is a trademark belonging to Athena Group (An exquisite five-star luxury cruising brand in Ha Long Bay). The brand new Halong Sen Cruises is considered as a delicate work of art catering for guests who love travelling and discovering the natural beauty of the world heritage site without abundance of time. Halong Sen is a colorful new steel boat, inspired by an attractive and gracious charm of Vietnam’s national flower and meticulously designed to pleasure your enjoyment as well as your safety. The boat features traditional and contemporary cruising concepts with many beautiful images of the pure lotus in the fine design of every corner on board. When you experience the Halong Sen Cruise, you will have the chance to indulge your eyes with many spectacular landscapes and satisfy your taste to the fullest with the best of Vietnamese cuisine. In addition, our carefully selected menu will surely evoke your appetite with the most tasteful dishes cooked from lotus and with the freshest local-sourced ingredients. Not only dining but also the experience of onboard activities that will live up to your expectations to redefine an adventurous day-trip. Especially for those who have a limited time budget, our cruise seems to be a perfect option to quench your thirst for exploration as all highlights for a normal 2 days 1 night program are included in our unique itinerary. One of the most incredible experiences is to immerse yourself in the endless beauty of majestic karst formations in the ancient bay as the boat passes through famous Dog Rock, Duck Rock and Lu Huong Islet in its extraordinary route to Hoa Cuong area. This magnificent corner of Ha Long will surely blow your mind with its breath-taking scenery and tranquil water. Your journey keeps delighting your five senses as you pay visit to Thien Cung cave, one of the most beautiful caves Ha Long, has to offer and kayak around Ba Hang fishing village, which gives you fascinating insights and experiences into local people’s daily life. Our cruise also provides a variety of exciting activities right on the boat with a view to making your trip way beyond your satisfaction. With our hands-on cooking class, you have the opportunity to learn some fine-culinary skills and to find out more about the secret of Vietnamese cooking ingredients or special foods with expert guidance from our professional chef. Besides, for those who love to taste and try different kind of tea for its wonderful flavor, the Lotus tea and candied lotus seeds are always ready to serve for your enjoyment, and for those who wish to master the art of making a cup of elegant lotus tea, a nice demonstration is available for you. With Halong Sen Cruises, your excursion to the legendary world heritage site will become unforgettable memory you crave for in your entire life.

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